Why You Shouldn’t Ditch Bananas

Source: medicalnewstoday

Bananas are like a natural candy bar. They come wrapped and are loaded with sugar. That could cause a person to gain weight, and cause some wild swings in blood sugar that may not be the best thing.  They also have a lot of carbs, which is not always good for your diet. Are bananas bad for you then? No, not at all.  The sugar in a banana can satisfy a quick craving without the sugar overload of an actual candy bar, and there are many benefits to this yellow skinned fruit.

For one thing, Bananas are good for your brain. They contain tryptophan, a chemical that has been shown to improve the brain circuits controlling memory, and it also is a mild booster of one’s mood or feeling of well-being.  Even with the sugar, a banana has also been shown to have a positive impact on blood sugar in some diabetic patients.

Bananas have fiber, potassium, B6, and Vitamin C, which are all good for your heart. This, combined with lower salt intake, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, doctors say.  Potassium has been shown to lower the risk of death from heart diseases. Blood pressure is also helped by bananas because of the potassium. Studies show reducing salt helps with blood pressure, and studies also show when combining that with increasing potassium, the benefits are magnified. Some studies even suggest that eating a lot of bananas in early childhood can ward off the development of some cancers.

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