What Actually Is Bone Broth?


Source: MarksDailyApple

Much different from the “Chicken Broth” you buy in a tetrapak at the grocery store, bone broth is made by boiling bones for a very long time. Maybe even 24 hrs. The goal is to get the gelatin and nutrients out of the bones and into the water. So it is very similar to chicken or beef stock, and many people make it at home similarly to how they would make broth.

It seems to be a new health craze. It’s a holistic approach and there is very little evidence to back it up, but there are many people who drink it on a regular basis and claim it helps keep their immunity up, helps them look younger, and regulates their gut bacteria. The jury is still out on how much it can help you, but go ahead and give it a shot the next time you have some meat bones lying around.

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