Sun Salutations- Start Your Day Off Right


Source: Instaliga

Starting your day with a quick yoga sequence will help you wake up, get stretched, and start your day in a calm and energized mood. Sun salutations are made for starting your day off in a welcoming salute to the morning sun.

Start in Mountain pose at the top of your mat. Swandive down and place your hands on your shins. Look up towards the horizon. Bend forward and then place your hands on your mat. Jump your legs back and get into plank position. Slowly lower down into four-limbed staff pose, then push forward into cobra. Take a deep breath and then lift your hips up and back, into downward facing dog. Take five deep breaths in downward facing dog. Jump your feet forward, into a forward bend. Then lift with your arms up and rise up to face the sky.

There are lots of videos online if you’re having a difficult time.

Starting the day with Sun Salutations will get your day going on a positive note.

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