Relieve Stress Anywhere With One Easy Move

Viparita Karani is sanskrit for “Inverted in Action”, this easy to do yoga pose is an excellent post that you can do anywhere. It’s more commonly known as “legs up the wall pose”. Lay close to a wall, with your pelvis elevated slightly on a folded blanket. Let your legs run straight up the wall. The health benefits of this pose are wonderful. It can relieve swollen legs and ankles, by drawing fluids to the belly area. This is a great pose for relieving cramps associated with your menstrual cycle. The inversion helps get the blood flowing back to your brain which can relieve headaches, give you an energy boost, and reduce stress. It’s helpful to reduce stress also because it’s a relaxation pose. It is also good for your digestive system. Give yourself 10 minutes and try this pose next time you need a little stress-relief. Focus on your breath and try to quiet your mind.

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