Are You a Narcissist? Find Out Now

Source: Malaysia It Fair

Allegations of narcissism are commonly thrown around, especially in the age of selfies and inane social media posts. Did you know that narcissism is actually a psychological condition? Don’t worry, though. If you are wondering whether you are a secret narcissist, you are probably in the clear. Psychotherapist Dr. Jude Black says that narcissists tend not to even consider the fact that they could be narcissists.

1. Narcissists are always looking for external validation, on the prowl for an increase in self-worth. Imagine a narcissist as somebody always looking for their own personal paparazzi.

2. Narcissists are willing to manipulate those around them just so they can feel desired. When people realize they are being manipulated, they often stop spending time with the narcissist.

3. Narcissists display little to no empathy for those they proclaim to care about. This can lead to cruel, uncaring actions.

4. Narcissists commonly believe that other people need to change, all the while overlooking their own shortcomings. The problem always rests on the shoulders of everybody else. Narcissists also commonly accuse other people of being narcissists.

5. Many narcissists will tell you that they are narcissists, not denying that they put themselves first.

6. Narcissists are known for exhibiting grandious patterns. When they do something nice for another person, they make sure everybody knows about it.

Remember: some people may exhibit narcissistic traits without actually being full-blown narcissists. A few mirror selfies does not make a narcissist.

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