Is Your Yoga Mat Getting You Sick?


Source: TheDoctorsTV

While yoga is a great workout and good for managing stress, your yoga mat could be getting you sick. It turns out that yoga mats can be a breeding ground for bacteria. You’re taking your yoga mat to class where it’s warm and moist, especially if you’re doing hot yoga. If you don’t clean your yoga mat you’re at risk for staph infections, impetigo, athlete’s foot, or plantar warts. It’s important to not share yoga mats, so don’t use the one they give you in class, which might only get washed once a week. Some mats could even spread e.coli or MRSA.

Clean your yoga mat by mixing warm dish-soap, and vinegar. Rinse it down and then let it dry completely before rolling it up. If you’ve never washed your mat before, let it soak in vinegar and dish-soap, then give it a scrub down before rinsing and drying. Wash your mat once a week, or more, if you’re practicing yoga daily.

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