Is There a Connection Between Shift Work and Infertility?

Source: medicalnewstoday

Have you been trying to get pregnant and finding it difficult? If you work hours other than the traditional first-shift ones, this may be a contributing factor to your difficulty. A recently released study in England has scientists mildly concerned about the connection between shift work and a woman’s fertility rate. While this is only one study, it opens up a can of questions that merit repeated studying. The connection between shift work and fertility may be due to several things that often accompany this alternative schedule.

Biological Changes

The human body is designed to follow a certain schedule in regards to waking a sleeping. This is  triggered by the light and dark cycles of the Sun. Shift workers must alter their normal circadian rhythms, especially when working nights, in order to be awake for work. This altering of what the body natural follows causes many biological changes. It has been noted that women who do shift work have altered menstrual cycles, sleep schedules and neurotransmitter levels.

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to the biological changes, shift workers often sleep less, eat less healthy meals and experience more stress in regards to getting everything done. These things may also contribute to the issue. One study does not make this something to worry about, but it does mean researchers may have yet another answer for some couples who have difficulty conceiving. It is simply a matter of waiting to see what future studies may reveal.

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