How to Avoid The Afternoon Slump

tired businesswoman sleeping in office

tired businesswoman sleeping in office

Source: Discovergoodnutrition

It happens to everyone, you have lunch, feel pretty good, and then around 3 pm you start to feel tired. Call it the three o’clock slump, fatigue, the afternoon crash, whatever- it sucks. Basically your body has finished digesting its food and now it wants to rest up. Especially if you eat a high fat or high carb lunch. The best way to avoid the 3pm slump is to eat a balanced and healthy lunch. Oranges increase your energy, and the energy may kick in 1-2 hours after you eat them. So include an orange in your lunch. Don’t just eat veggies and fruits, have a complex carb, protein, and fruits and veggies. Drink plenty of water. When you feel the slump starting to come on, grab a small piece of dark chocolate and take a small walk. Even if you just make it to the bathroom, it will increase your energy and focus.

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