Drink This: Kombucha


Source: FoodRenegade

Kombucha is a weird drink. It’s brewed with a weird mushroom on top called a “scoby” and it smells a little like vinegar. But make no mistake, this weird little drink is full of health benefits.

Kombucha is fermented black tea. The fermentation of the tea creates a world of yeast and bacteria, the healthy kind that you get from yogurt. It’s full of probiotics, and like beer, it gets carbonated from the fermentation. Due to the level of antibiotics, Kombucha is great for your liver. The probiotics it offers are good for a wealth of problems. It can aid in digestion, help regulate pH levels for women. Many people use it for weight loss. We don’t recommend you start to brew your own. You can pick up flavored Kombucha, with all the health benefits, at your local grocery store.

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