Don't Participate in This Unhealthy Trend

Waist Training is Dangerous

waist training

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You can thank the Kardashian clan for bringing this old trend back in a big way. Waist training, which is just a new way of saying corsetting, is a big trend right now. The idea is that you wear this corset around your waist for a few hours everyday to help you shrink your waist, and get a more hourglass shape. Sorry, you can’t permanently alter your body shape after just a few hours everyday. Your body will go back to its normal shape after you remove the trainer. But you can cause serious damage. It can restrict regular breathing, and if you wear it too tight, it can even damage your ribs. Some women have reportedly passed out from wearing their waist trainers while working out. If you wear it for too long, you can crush your organs and cause internal damage. It’s important to remember that these celebrities are being paid to endorse these products. The only way to change your body is through a healthy diet and exercise. There are tons of workouts that can help you whittle your waist in a healthy way.

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